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          Development Status of Domestic Construction Machinery and Equipment Leasing Industry

          Author:Shenzhen Chuangxin Video Technology Co., Ltd. Click:121 Time:2019-08-20 14:49:15

          For a long time, the present situation of the construction site machinery and equipment is subordinate to the construction enterprise, and for the purpose of serving the construction of the enterprise, resulting in low utilization rate of machinery and equipment and poor investment effect. At the same time, the machinery and equipment purchased by enterprises are almost the same, and the repeated investment is serious, resulting in a serious backlog of social assets. The serious aging of machinery and equipment, the large amount of idle equipment has become a heavy burden for construction enterprises, which limits the development and progress of machinery and equipment. After the establishment of the socialist market economic system, we must pay attention to the investment benefits of equipment. In order to socialize construction machinery, it is necessary to establish a social rental market of machinery and equipment as soon as possible, so as to activate the fixed assets of machinery and equipment, reflect the investment effect, improve the utilization rate of machinery and equipment, and realize the purpose of mechanical renewal and replacement. Establishing a social rental market for machinery and equipment can improve the level of management, use, maintenance of machinery and equipment, reduce consumption, save manpower, material and financial resources, and develop technical training and international exchanges to improve their own quality.

          However, due to many factors, the development of mechanical equipment leasing industry is seriously restricted.

          (1) The macro-management of the leasing industry lacks a unified centralized department.

          At present, the leasing industry is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the People's Bank of China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Its power is dispersed and its responsibilities are not clear. It is easy to cause mutual friction and blame for each other. It is difficult to coordinate and unify the policies, which makes the management of the leasing industry in China fall into a notorious "vacuum". Band. On the contrary, there is no Leasing Industry Association in China which is closely related to the competent government departments and coordinates, guides, communicates and serves the business management and information of leasing companies.

          (2) Lack of leasing laws and regulations to protect the normal development of the leasing industry has resulted in the long-term "no basis, no rules to follow" environment of the leasing industry.

          At present, there is no complete and systematic leasing law in China, which aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the leasing parties. Only in the Economic Contract Law, the General Principles of Civil Law, the relevant documents of the Ministry of Finance and the interim financial leasing measures formulated by the professional banks themselves, there are some simple provisions, which are far from meeting the actual needs of the leasing industry. The leasing industry can not be relied on, the parties to the leasing contract do not have a unified code of conduct, and the legitimate rights and interests of the leasing contract can not be effectively guaranteed. The legitimacy of leasing industry has not been protected in engineering bidding and credit review, which seriously hinders the normal operation and healthy development of China's leasing industry.

          (3) Lack of fiscal and taxation policies to support the development of leasing industry.

          In order to support the development of leasing business, most foreign countries implement preferential financial and taxation policies. In China, leasing financing has long been regarded as a loan, and as a general commercial activity in taxation. Generally, banks do not accept mortgages and bank credit guarantees from leasing industry, and insurance industry does not participate in the insurance work of leasing industry. This has become an obstacle to the normal development of leasing market.

          (4) At present, the types of leasing business are relatively single, basically limited to general import financing lease and part-time physical lease.

          In financial leasing, such as rent-back, export leasing and other businesses have hardly been carried out. In the Real Leasing business, there are few rent-on-sale businesses. There are many reasons leading to the single form of lease, such as the restriction of state-owned assets management system, the incompatibility of seller's credit and credit insurance, the credibility of leasing media and the fear of risk of state-owned economy, etc. It is obvious that the phenomenon of manufacturer selling only but not renting has a significant gap with similar foreign enterprises. These reasons have hindered the diversification of leasing forms in China.

          (5) The arrears of rent are very serious, which leads to the difficulty of capital turnover of the leasing company.

          According to relevant data, by the end of 1994, 17 Sino-foreign joint venture leasing companies had been in arrears of rents amounting to $600 million. The huge arrears of rent plunged the leasing companies into serious operational difficulties. With the establishment and gradual improvement of China's market economic system, I believe that China's leasing industry, as a new industry, will be able to shoulder the historical responsibility and continue to grow.

          Development Status of Domestic Construction Machinery and Equipment Leasing Industry
          For a long time, the present situation of the construction site machinery and equipment is subordinate to the construction enterprise, and for the purpose of serving the construction of the enterprise
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