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          Product Introduction

          The company specializes in image module and the production and development of USB cameras as the main core business, long-term supply of high-end high-definition high-speed USB cameras board, module, the whole machine, product features include high-speed 60 frames, high-speed 120 frames, MJPEG compression, H264 compression, automatic focus, 5 million pixels, 8 million pixels, mobile detection, people Face recognition, infrared night vision, wide angle, long focus, etc. Products can be used in security monitoring, ATM, traffic recorder, attendance access control, video conferencing, engineering camera, biomicroscopy, high-resolution camera, endoscopy, advertising machine, television box and other fields. The company has professional camera research and development technology team and SMT assembly plant, and provides software development support for embedded operating systems such as linux, Android for customers.

          According to the customer's needs, we can customize various shape and size modules, select lens, infrared lamp board, wire and shell accessories.



          Main Intellectual Property Rights

          From 3D system design and optimization to algorithm and software design, chip design and development, fully independent intellectual property rights.


          Batch production

          The product has been in mass production since 2015. Algorithms and hardware are optimized iteratively.


          Full Platform Compatibility

          The product can meet the needs of various application scenarios of major manufacturers, and can be widely used in TV, mobile phone, robots, VR / AR and other fields.



          Application Scene

          Mobile phone/tablet

          The front-end 3D camera of mobile phone can realize the functions of 3D face unlocking, AR photography and so on.

          3D Face Recognition

          3D sensor cameras can be used for face recognition and authentication in such scenarios as face payment, face withdrawal, face access control and face security

          Smart living room

          The use of 3D sensor camera with large screen TV can provide users with AR education, games, physical fitness and other public content.

          Robot 3D Vision

          The four in one vision system can quickly realize three-dimensional map creation, obstacle avoidance, navigation and other functions.

          3D scan

          The 3D image information of the object is acquired by scanning, and the 3D image model is constructed.

          Three-dimensional anthropometer

          Extreme Speed Measurement Body Size Data, Intelligent Matching of Commodity Size, Private Customized Clothing;

          Video surveillance - 2 megapixel 1080P high definition and high frame rate USB camera with 1/3 AR0330 photosensitive film

          1. Using 1/3 AR0330 CMOS Sensor, the effect is more stable.

          2. Using H.264, MJPEG and YUY2 coding methods, it has excellent indoor and outdoor effects and realistic colors.

          3. Supporting UVC protocol, no driver, plug and play.

          4. Supports USB2.0 OTG protocol and can access OTG devices.

          5. Support embedded systems such as Linux and Android.

          6. Supporting dual-channel digital MIC, excellent stereo acquisition quality.






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